Bob Mackie Home by American Drew


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Bob Mackie Home

Modern function combines with luxurious glamour in the new Bob Mackie Home collection. This comfortable, eclectic collection features vertical Prima Vera veneer that flashes across shaped fronts and inlaid tops. A nod to Bob’s lifelong work, a woven motif appears on carved moldings, feet, and the custom designed chunky, jewelry inspired hardware. Soft moldings frame the generous drawers, and borders of Bees Wing Prima Vera define the tops. Accents pieces in faux crocodile embossed leather, champagne colored steel, black granite & lighter colored stone provide the signature Mackie flair of combining sumptuous patterns and interesting textures.  “Over the years I’ve noticed fashion design has become more and more comfortable and very casual; as has contemporary living tastes affected the way people live and function in their homes. American Drew and I are so excited and proud to have created a collection of interesting and truly unique pieces. Each piece can stand alone or in combinations that will turn a home into an exciting, modern environment. We think we have may coveted items that certainly could be prize heirlooms of the future.